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Ragville Comic is Live!

2014-08-22 20:17:11 by Candyrag

As the Tittle mentions, we now have an official Comic tittled "Ragville Comic" that will be coming out weekly. Now you have something Ragville related to look forward to every week, we din't forget about Newgrounds, so make sure to check our Art section!




2014-03-21 20:02:42 by Candyrag

Updating SOOOOOON!


Will be posting a Promo and more all in due time =)!



Looking for Artists

2014-01-17 04:03:24 by Candyrag

Hey peeps!

I'm looking for Artists (and this place wreaks of em haha), check my post

Looking forward to hear from you,


Auditions Closed

2013-11-15 23:36:38 by Candyrag

Alright, I give a great big Thank You!, to everyone that was interested in Ragville. We have been reviewing some Auditions for the past few days and I have a whole TON to go over throughout the day. I’ll be E-mailing everyone who got the parts on 11/16/13, so keep your eyes on your E-mails. I’ll try to provide some feedback to some that asked, but we received so many Auditions and there is much to do in Ragville, I apologize in advance to those that do not receive feedback or E-mail notifications.

Ragville is only starting up and will only get bigger, there are MANY more characters coming to Ragville and there are Great possibilities of another show to be added to Candyrag on 2014 that promises to be 9000 times wilder than Ragville. If you are interested, you may follow us on Tumblr, Deviantart, Newgrounds, Twitter, Facebook, our Home page or Facebook for any future News regarding Voice Acting or other possible openings.

Thanks again, we highly appreciate your time and efforts and will be in deep review (Bring on the Coffee!). We wish everyone the best of Luck and know you all are very talented, we encourage all to keep up the great work and Keep on doing their Best!.

Best Wishes,


Voice Acting Auditions: Open

2013-11-08 08:32:15 by Candyrag

Interested in Voice Acting for Ragville, Head this way!

Good Luck!


Voice Actors Heads up!

2013-11-07 07:54:57 by Candyrag

Hello there!,

Alright. its about time to break the ice and bring Animation to a WHOLE nother Level!, that said, More characters are joining Ragville, and that means Ragville will be opening some new Character Roles, 12 to be Exact!!!!.

So get those mics Ready,

New announcement coming soon, Official Info will be posted HERE on NG on the VA section.


Ragville - Mallville Ep 1-1 Animation

2013-08-03 13:14:06 by Candyrag

Episode 1-1 Mallville

Here on Newgrounds:
you can check it out on Youtube:

I hope you guys dig it, if you do, feel free to subscribe and follow as there will be plenty more to come!.


Ragville, Episode 1: Update

2013-07-26 09:04:34 by Candyrag

~Update ~

Yep, Everything went pretty according to plan, I just didn't anticipate a few specifics....

The Episode will be posted here Tomorrow (August 2nd).


Its been too long with a "Coming Soon", Alright guy's here we go....

August 1st 2013 ...

Soon?, or shall I say Less than a Week!, and it shall be Awesome!.

The Opening is Up!

2013-05-19 06:42:39 by Candyrag

Go ahead and check it here:



Wow!, it has been AGES!

Quite too many if you ask me haha. Well now, Today I'd like to update everyone that Ragville is Near its first Episode, I am within hours currently from finishing the Intro. The intro should be playing before ALL future episodes of Ragville, just not the first one as it has its very special introduction. So I thought, Why wait until the second Episode?, so very soon from today I should be Posting up Ragville's Intro =), it should be up here on Newgrounds and a few other places as well.

I hope the few of you that been looking forward to this have your fingers crossed that it'll kicks ass, no worries, I made sure it does a terrific job at it!. I also apologies for the little to no updates, its been pretty rough, but never gave up, never will, so do expect my work to be released oh so very soon....How soon may be the question.... ...SOOOOOOONN!!!!!!!!!!!