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Posted by Candyrag - May 5th, 2021

Here's the snap shot. Man this gets me extra pumped up for the next animation. Now it's time to hit the drawing board and get started on something new lol. Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!iu_297806_4155754.png


Posted by Candyrag - May 2nd, 2021

I've decided to write commentary behind my latest animation "Another average Pico day" and will continue to do so for future animation releases. So if you're interested to learn more about Candyrag's production hell make sure to read these!


Why did you decide to make an animation for Pico day?

After so long, I wanted to try my hands into something that wouldn't take forever to make. I have always been interested on art jams where there's a hard deadline and figure how much I would be able to manage and put together in so little time. It was a beautiful painful blast making it. I've always been attracted to Newgrounds, ever since I found the site back in middle school. Making something with one of my favorite mascots was a must have.

I think everyone interprets Pico different. How I know him, he's a rough kid that keeps to himself, but if you bother him he'll make you wish you didn't. Not every character needs to be in gun blazing situations, but Pico will always make an exception for me. My main inspirations for Pico were Tom's first flash game "Pico's school" and "Pico's Unloaded" by Mindchamber by far. When I first played and watched those projects back mid 2000's I knew flash was something special. It's animators inspiring animators.


What was it like making the animation?

I had many obstacles come up on April. Time was scarce and so much quality had to be sacrificed in order to make in time. I'd say it took roughly three weeks with most of the work being pushed last minute. While it's not a final product in my eyes, most scenes made it in and it decently tells the story. There was planning on all fronts of production, being a one person crew I think it was well put. Originally I had a few sound effects in, but ultimately decided to take them all out due to time constraints and let the music narrate the story.


Any comments or tips for the audience?

Management is key in fast paced projects, don't be upset if you have to make cuts. Unless there's a certain quality quota you owe it to yourself to follow through. Although ultimately not all projects make it, be happy you got something done. Also, don't over think it and just do the work.


What's next for Candyrag?

I'd like to see the Pico day animation as a "stress test" and see what I was going to be able to accomplish in little time. There are other bigger projects I've been working on in the background, but for an animation jam? I think this was a successful test run. After this I'm planning to continue work on an exciting project called "My liege". It's going to be another round of production hell, but I'm excited to release more details about it.

That wraps it up for Behind Another average Pico day. Look forward to future behind posts after each and every animation wrap up.

Thanks for reading.



Posted by Candyrag - May 2nd, 2021

Alright it technically is, but you gotta kick it where it hurts before you say goodbye. Here is my half baked creation [time was scarce this April]. It was fun making and I'd hope it's as half fun watching lol. Enjoy my dudes.




Posted by Candyrag - April 28th, 2021

That trash can is looking mighty sus. Or maybe I just needed to say something looked sus for the sake of sus??



Posted by Candyrag - April 26th, 2021

Here's a city shot of the project I'm working on. To be released on May 1st. I started late so I can say little over two weeks is not enough for animation.




Posted by Candyrag - April 23rd, 2021

So I've been working on a "Secret" project and the deadline is coming in really fast. From now until release I'll try to post frequent updates. Also, I don't know if the Power boi™ looks like a Game boy or Mettaton. Either way it's a win.



Posted by Candyrag - April 22nd, 2021

Nope. Nothing looks out of the ordinary here.



Posted by Candyrag - April 4th, 2021

It's 2021 and boy do I ever feel like getting back to business. Got a few things planned, but the goods will be out when it's time. Whatever that means right?